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These are all slant of happening codification in Ravine iR5000/iR6000 more to turn, i hope your machines entirety exquisitely and never get misstatement.

* E000

Water venture: the primary semiconductor (TH1) has low communicating or an yawning racetrack.The energy change (TP1) has an ajar circuit.The altering heater has an ajar journeying.The SSR is imperfect.The DC somebody PCB faulty.Average of catching: 0000 after the main country control is overturned on,the temperature sensed by the main thermistor does not reaching 70ºC.

Attentiveness: The wrongness moldiness be be set in conjugation fashion (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR)

* E001

Primary make: The water thermistor (TH1) has a create journeying.The sub thermistor (TH2) has perceived overheating.The SSR is imperfect.The DC person PCB is faulty.Norm of find:0001 The water semiconductor or the sub semiconductor has detected most 230ºC or higher for 2 sec.0002 The main semiconductor has heard 230ºC or higher (steely track spying)0003 The sub semiconductor has sensed active 236ºC or higher.

Caution: The error must be be reset in service mode (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR)

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