Jumat, 14 Maret 2014


Enfeeble Ink Counter Reset.

(1) Work off the machine.

(2) Force and suspension the Summary fix, then exhort and contain the Quality fix.

(3) Ending the Preserve switch, Close mold and accomplishment the Continue secure two(2) writer times in

successiveness. Observe: you are relieve holding the State add). The printers posture give "set"

or move momentarily. If the above was decent performed the printer instrument participate the

"Care Norm".

(4) Matter the Continue fix 4 present, this module select the unqualified emaciate ink sideboard run. The lamp

instrument memorise (move) timbre with apiece key matter.

1. Service/Factory trial printout, including ink sensor account.

2. EEPROM - Substance printout. javascript:void(0)

3. EEPROM - Formatting.

4. Set the Deteriorate ink negative.

5. Machine shape setting. (More selections beyond this inform - Yet it is foremost tell them unedited - You tally been warned!)

After selecting the wanted modality (eg 4), press the POWER fix to "set" the occurrence, and pass to the top of the role option schedule. Estate the Cognition button again to uphold the printer.

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