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Toner Counter Reset for Brother MFC 9970CDW

Brother MFC-9970CDW Color Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex (Office Product)

If you have already reached replace toner stage, you will only be able to get to the reset menu. Try this techniques this might be helpful to you.

Heres how:

Technique 1
Step 1.) Open front cover to expose printer cartridges and press #1 on the number keys.
Step 2.) Scroll down to find and select the appropriate toner cartridge to reset:

Technique 2
Step 1.) Open cartridge door and then power off.
Step 2.) Wait for 5 seconds and then power on.
Step 3.) When the display says  close the door, hit 1.

You cannot hit 1 when is telling you to replace toner.

K.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
K.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
K.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
C.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
C.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
C.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
M.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
M.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
M.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
Y.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
Y.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
Y.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)

Press Reset OK - Accepted

Technique 3
1- Turn on printer
2- Open front door to access toners
3- Hit the "Start" button for the Black and White copies on the right side of control
4- Quickly type in the number "10" on the numerical keypad (1 then 0, quickly in
5- You will see a toner menu. Simply pick you color(s) and capacities and reset as needed

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