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The Savannah Moggy Cat

Introducing the Savannah cats.  

A Savannah moggy (cat) is a cross between a domestic moggy and the Serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African moggy. The unusual cross became popular amongst breeders at the end of the 90s, and in 2001 the International moggy Association accepted it as a new registered breed. In May 2012, TICA accepted it as a championship breed. Savannahs are much more social than typical domestic cats, and they are often compared to dogs in their loyalty. 

A Savannahs wild looks "Physical Features" is often due to the presence of many distinguishing serval characteristics. Most prominent of these include the various colour markings; tall, deeply cupped, wide, rounded, erect lugholes; bleedin long legs; bloater, puffy noses, and hooded eyes. The bodies of Savannahs are long and leggy; when a Savannah is standing, its hind-end is often higher than its prominent shoulders.

The Savannahs "temperament" are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty, and they will follow their owners around the house like a canine. They can also be trained to mosey on a leash, and even fetch. 

Serval Cat

Domestic Cat                         



Savannah Cat

Vocally, Savannahs may either chirp like their serval fathers, meow like their domestic mothers, both chirp and meow, or sometimes produce sounds which are a mixture of the two. Chirping is observed more often in earlier generations. Savannahs may also "hiss"—a serval-like hiss quite different from a domestic cats hiss, sounding more like a very loud snake. It can be alarming to humans not acquainted to such a sound coming from a cat.

Now, whether thou want to include this as pet or as part of the family but thou have to take some consideration. Some breeders state Savannah cats have no known special care or food requirements, whilst others recommend a bleedin high quality diet with no grains or by products. Some recommend a partial or complete raw feeding/raw food diet with at least 32% protein and no byproducts. Some recommend calcium and other supplements, especially for growing cats and earlier generations. Others consider it unnecessary, or even harmful. Most Savannah breeders agree that Savannahs have a need for more taurine than the average domestic moggy, and therefore recommend taurine supplements, which can be added to any food type. 

Having this on yer family, yer lads will surely love this moggy. Despite of wild and exotic looks this pet is lovable and a loyal companion.

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