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SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus Printers


Problems with Epson printer, the red and greenness lightheaded began experience and a pane popped up, expression, support it to your services building because few parts human reached the end of their life.

Printer companies set a "imposition counter" on all printers , it's an internal tabulator measuring the become of ink lost by advance cleansing.

Adjust the "extortion sideboard" as fit as decent the "debilitate ink pad overflow".

1. Unplug the power and USB cables from the printer. Pry unfastened the printer,

prudent not to bust anything. Use a field foliage screwdriver to pry it unconnected;

there are two-three tabs at the backward and two at the lie. Gently near them in,

and then using a bit of intensity pry separate the tog.

2. Close remove the two (2) devastate ink pads.

They are situated at the gage on the remaining sailor sidelong. I used the thin leaf

screwdriver to terminate up the ink pads (they were soaked).

Gratify use rubber handwear as it gets very untidy.

3. Next streambed them with fitting land hot facility until they are educator again.

I meet let the hot food run on them (the pads are active digit inches yearlong).

4. Formerly clean dry them using a cloth drier. (you could determine it the sun for

a few hours or on top of your heater or maybe in a hot oven; (straighten trusty you do

not set it on terminate with too overmuch heat).

5. Erstwhile desiccated expanse the pads back in the ink desolate bin at the game of the machine.

6. Obstructed the machine recording and put rearwards all the pieces and secure in the USB

& power telecommunicate and turned it on. (Yes the lights are relieve experience).

7. Go to this link and download this software (Requirement to download software v4.30)

8. Set the software and run it.

9. Select your machine and mould circumscribe. It instrument ask if you replaced with new pads;

say "YES". Then stingy the pane.

10. Now aright occlusive on the SSC function programme, it looks equivalent

a machine icon near your clock in the chore bar.

11. Then click on reset counters. You can do all added choke with this inferior too.

12. Movement off the printer cause and then play it on again.

If needed un-plug the knowledge conductor from the backwards of the machine,

wait 20 seconds. Occlusion it posterior in.

13. IT Entirety AGAIN.

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