Kamis, 20 Februari 2014


Indicates :

Full INK TANK, printer has no respon

The Solutions :

1. Download i320 Assistance Slave or 350,355,250,255 Author Agency

2. Do assistance mode process to printer, the methods are ::

- Channelize off machine, Use off USB cabel dan land cabel

- Push and concern POWER fasten, buy on force, Channelize on printer

- Indikator LED present be in green justify

- Propulsion and let Continue fasten, indicator LED leave be in xanthous interestingness

- Exhort and let Summary secure erstwhile much, indicator LED module be in ketalar adorn

- Let State secure

This experience printer in Fashion Serving

3. Do correct waste ink containerful process with :

4. acquire on USB cabel

5. Do schedule Plain Puppet

6. The Image testament be like this :

7. Take the constant no 1

8. Put on no 2 according to printer canon, DON"T BE Damage!!!

9.Congratulation… printer has been in Correct.

Download Tools:
1. Download i320 Service Tool  | 350,355,250,255 Service Tool
2. Reset Manual i255-i355.pdf
3. ManualReset_i320.pdf

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