Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

New Google Docs Airplane function should boost printing

Ive often covered developments in Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Docs and their suite of Google online office-suite competitors (for an example see "Google Docs now with enhanced print capability"), but I believe their enhancement announced today offers a big plus for the world of printing.

My first test airplanes printed nicely on both my wireless Lexmark X6570 inkjet all-in-one as well as on my HP LaserJet 1320. The Google logo is in color in the original design and it remains to be seen if this will drive most of the print volume to color printers, or if users will be willing to forgo the color for the potentially more weather-resistant durability of monochrome laser output.

Another trend to monitor will be the tendency to opt for "e-versions" of the airplanes, with users trading off the physical advantages of paper for "straight-to-PDF" versions.

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