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How to Replace HP C4780 Printer ? The Photosmart C4780 is an all-in-one HP are manufactured by HP. Designed for home use, the C4780 is an inkjet printer that uses two cartridges, one black and one tricolor cartridge containing magenta, cyan and yellow. The cartridges come in two varieties each. The HP 60 set has a capacity of 200 pages and 150 black-only pages in full color and all HP 60XL 600 pages printed in black, only 420 pages and color. When the ink cartridges run out and buy a HP 60 cartridge to replace the one currently in the printer.

things you need:  Ink cartridge replacement 

Cartridge replacement
1 Press the power button to turn the HPs C4780. Wait until the printer is ready for use.
2 Pull the flap down to find the cartridge. The opening is at the top of the printer meets the front of it. The ink cartridges slides into the midpoint of access and reach a break.
3 Press down on the exposed part of the ink cartridge you want to replace to loosen. Out of the printer.
4 Pull the tab and tape protection outside the electronic ink cartridge. Leave the cartridge gently into the slot at an angle of 45 degrees, then push down and into the slot, keeping it in place. Close the door securely.

Align the cartridge
1 Load a sheet of paper in the printer tray when the display shows. Press "OK" next to the screen once the paper is loaded.
2 Press the OK button again and wait while the printer prints an alignment page. Once printed, click "OK" again when the screen asks you to scan the alignment page.
3 Place the alignment page printed upside down on the exploration of the all-in-one and line the edge of the paper with little guidance in the lower right corner. Close the scanner lid and press the "OK" to begin scanning the alignment page.
4 Press "OK" for the last time when the screen says that the alignment was successful. You are now ready to resume normal printing.

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