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How to Refill Dell Printer Ink Cartridges

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How to Refill Dell Ink Cartridges 
things youll need:
Ink refill kit Scotch tape Drill 1/16-inch bit Toothpicks Newspaper

1.  Remove the Dell ink cartridge from the printer and examine the top carefully. It should either have a flat top with a large label or a raised piece of plastic. (Black cartridges will have a piece of black plastic, and color cartridges will have a piece of blue plastic.)
2.  If youre refilling a black cartridge with a raised piece of plastic, drill a hole in the raised part, right at the point where it narrows. You need to drill down to the inkwell. You can do this with a household drill and a 1/16-inch bit, or with the hole puncher that is provided in any standard ink refill kit.
3.  If youre refilling a color cartridge with a raised top, pop it off. If your color cartridge has a flat top with a label, remove the label. In both cases, you will see a series of holes that lead to the inkwells. Slide a clean toothpick into each hole, then withdraw it to determine which color ink goes into which hole.
4.  For flat black Dell cartridges, remove the label on top and look for the hole nearest the thin strip of copper. It leads to the inkwell.
5.  Fill the syringe from the ink refill kit with the color of ink you need and place the end in the proper hole. Slowly depress the plunger and let the inkwell fill up with ink. The exact level of ink varies depending on the cartridge. Black cartridges carry 15ml of ink or more, while color cartridges carry 7 to 8ml of each type of ink.
6.  Withdraw the syringe. If you have drilled a hole, cover it with a piece of Scotch tape. If you remove the plastic top, replace it and use tape to hold it in place. If you removed a label, you can replace the label or simply leave the cartridge the way it is.
7.  Replace the cartridge in the Dell printer and run a couple of cleaning cycles. Then print as normal.

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