Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

How to clear Google Search history in HTC Desire HD

How to clear Google local historical search from HTC Desire HD. On the phone do the followings.

1. Open Google Browser ⇒ In the browser page touch "Menu" on the Desire HD.
2. Menu option will open up ⇒ Click "More" ⇒ Settings
3. Scroll down to "Privacy Configuration" and start to clear
  • Clear all cookie data (clear all browser cookies)

  • Clear cache (clear locally cached content and databases)

  • Clear history (clear the browser navigation history)

  • Clear form data (clear all the saved form data)

  • Clear password (clear all saved passwords)

  • Clear location access (clear location access for all websites)

Note: This option only clears locally cached historical data but not the Google search. So even if you clear all the visited URLs and Auto Completes data still remain in browsers.

How to delete Google cache (historical data)

1. Touch Google browser
2. On Google browser ⇒ Settings  - Clear options will pop-up for you to delete.
  • a. Clear Saved Searches

  • b. Clear Saved locations

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