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How to recognize Color Printer Cartridge a Dell 926 Printer ? because My Dell 926 Wont Recognize a Color Printer Cartridge, The printer cartridge Dell 926 ink color has a number of contact points extending copper color on one side of the cartridge and the bottom part. These contact points similar sit in front of seeking points of contact within the printer, facilitating communication between the printer and color ink cartridge. Open the printer cover and remove the color cartridge. Inspect the contact points of damage. Make sure none of the protective tape was clear is that in the first cartridge is removed from the package. If you see any damage to the contact points, replace the cartridge. If you see no harm or any other clear protective tape and clean the contact points with a clean, dry microfiber and replace the cartridge.

If you insert the color cartridge in the position of the black ink cartridge, this printer will not recognize the cartridge. You must insert the cartridge color ink cartridge slot on the right side of the printer, as you must insert the black cartridge into the slot on the left side. Turn the printer off and back on, and print the document. If you still receive the error message, you must perform a power reset of the printer 926. Turn the printer off and disconnect the printer cable and power cable. After at least five seconds elapse, then reconnect the power cord and printer cable and turn on the printer.

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