Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

error 5200 on canon printer ip2770

error 5200 on canon printer ip2770 series is on board because its memory storage is full so it can not accept orders to print.
how to fix error 5200 please follow the steps below

1. position juncture printer off, power cord still attached
2. press the Resume button and then press the power button (when pressed do not resum tomboll power off first)
3. after the lights glow green power, release the resume button and in the press as much as 5 times (when you press the power button do not resume off first)
4. release both buttons (resume and power) at the time of pressing the resume is the 5th time
6. the computer will find new hardware (new devices) ignore it, do not click NEXT
7. run your reseter ip 2770 v1074

download click here
8. prepare 2 pieces of paper
9. MAIN clik. Clear Ink Counter on the menu, the printer will print 1 sheet
10. clik platen, a message error "001" clik ok
11. clik EEPROM.printer will print 1 sheet again.

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