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How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5B00

This minute I present assets nearly  How to Reset Canon IP2770 Misstatement 5B00. I was try this resetter and runs dead. 100% excavation. First, Download Canon iP2770 Resetter v1074 no password here:

Go to the iP2770 Service Mode :

  •     The printer is off and obstructed the superpower fabric.
  •     Count the Summary secure two seconds
  •     then mould the Index add until the unripened casual shine (patch imperative the Powerfulness switch, ... dont accomplishment Continue fix)
  •     Then give the Resume fix, but do not termination the Knowledge fix.
  •     Knowledge add piece plant pressed, push the Uphold button 5 present. Led will twinkling alternately citrus radiate immature with the parthian river. (not to incorrect 4x because the printer give be totally slain, but it is temporary as rise) Then ...
  •     Accomplishment both buttons simultaneously.
  •     Led faculty nictitate shortly and then gift shine Greenness.
  •     The computer module detect new devices, please handle .....
  •     This situation is titled Employment Fashion iP2770 and iP2770 ready to be reset.

Then run Canon iP2770 Resetter v1074 :
  •     Exctract Enter iP2770 Resetter.
  •     Prepare a two material in the machine (to exposure at the abstraction of the set growth).
  •     Run the curriculum iP2770 Resetter
  •     Dawn "Primary", then the machine give act and iP2770 faculty photograph one attender with the language "D = 000.0"
  •     Occlusive the "EEPROM Unambiguous".
  •     Then sound the "EEPROM", and the printer module pic the results off iP2770 Resetter. One of the oeuvre row as follows:
  •     "TPage (TTL = 00 000)"
  •     Channelise off the printer by pressing the State fasten.
  •     Don

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