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Epson R1390 Adjustment by vietdungvn1

Dear all resetters

Here is Epson Stylus Photo 1390 Adjustment Resetter
its provided by one of us.... vietdungvn1 from VIETNAM thank you so much
we all resetters owe you this time
Also I encourage all of you also, please do share it....
with the spirit of "help is help...period" he he he


Happy download and have a best reset

printer lovers
PS: just email me when u wanna share resetters that we do not have
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How to Set up Windows XP in VirtualBox

How to Set-up Windows XP in VirtualBox

Follow these instructions on how to get windows virtual xp setup with VirtualBox.  

If you dont have VirtualBox installed go here.

1. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, then click New button.

2. Click Next button.

3. Type a Name for your Virtual Machine. e.g. Windows XP. Then click Next button.

4. Type in or slide the slider to set Base Memory Size. e.g. 2048 MB. Then click Next button.

5. Leave all defaults and click Next button.

6. Leave all defaults and click Next button.

7. Leave all defaults and click Next button.

8.  Type in or slide the slider to set disk size. e.g. 10 GB. Then click Next button.

9. Click Create.

10. Click Create

11. You should see Windows XP show up as a Virtual Machine. Click on Settings button.

12. Click on Storage tab.

13. Select the Empty Disk by left clicking on it.

14. Click the disk image.

15. Click Choose a virtual CD/DVD image file...

16. Select the iso image and Click Open.

17. Click OK.

18. Click Start to begin the Windows XP installation.

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Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

HP Laserjet 1320 Driver Download

HP Laserjet 1320 Driver Download can be obtained here by clicking the download button below.

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Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5B00

This minute I present assets nearly  How to Reset Canon IP2770 Misstatement 5B00. I was try this resetter and runs dead. 100% excavation. First, Download Canon iP2770 Resetter v1074 no password here:

Go to the iP2770 Service Mode :

  •     The printer is off and obstructed the superpower fabric.
  •     Count the Summary secure two seconds
  •     then mould the Index add until the unripened casual shine (patch imperative the Powerfulness switch, ... dont accomplishment Continue fix)
  •     Then give the Resume fix, but do not termination the Knowledge fix.
  •     Knowledge add piece plant pressed, push the Uphold button 5 present. Led will twinkling alternately citrus radiate immature with the parthian river. (not to incorrect 4x because the printer give be totally slain, but it is temporary as rise) Then ...
  •     Accomplishment both buttons simultaneously.
  •     Led faculty nictitate shortly and then gift shine Greenness.
  •     The computer module detect new devices, please handle .....
  •     This situation is titled Employment Fashion iP2770 and iP2770 ready to be reset.

Then run Canon iP2770 Resetter v1074 :
  •     Exctract Enter iP2770 Resetter.
  •     Prepare a two material in the machine (to exposure at the abstraction of the set growth).
  •     Run the curriculum iP2770 Resetter
  •     Dawn "Primary", then the machine give act and iP2770 faculty photograph one attender with the language "D = 000.0"
  •     Occlusive the "EEPROM Unambiguous".
  •     Then sound the "EEPROM", and the printer module pic the results off iP2770 Resetter. One of the oeuvre row as follows:
  •     "TPage (TTL = 00 000)"
  •     Channelise off the printer by pressing the State fasten.
  •     Don

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Speaking at Business Imaging Expo in December! How Why and When and When NOT to Print from a Mobile Environment

Just a quick post - I am delighted to be confirmed today as a speaker in the upcoming Business Imaging Expo coming up in December in Las Vegas!

More on this coming up (of course) - but since my topic is "How, Why and When (and When NOT) to Print from a Mobile Environment", Ill be doing my homework...

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Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T20 T20E

Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T20 T20E
Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T20 T20E
Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T20 T20E- Here I am to share Software Resetter Epson T20 Printer and Printer Epson T20E or Adjustment T20 T20E and Program
The trick is similar to how to Reset Epson Printer type more and way Settingnya already there is complete and include the Software, you can Download and read it
Fact this Software Resetter Software is a Trial but after going through the process of modification can eventually be used permanently without making any Setting on your PC

Software Resetter Epson T20 Printer or Adjustment Program and T20E. How to Reset Printer Epson Stylus T20 T20E or its equivalent on the other epson printer.
Live software resetter Extract the files that you have downloaded read the instructions and ready-to-run and of course with the position or T20 T20E epson Printer has been connected with computer
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Senin, 27 Januari 2014

How to Reset Epson Stylus T13

This time I will discuss about how to reset epson T13. Resetter
Epson T13 was obtained from my firend. And from the experience, this T13 Epson resetter
functioning properly. 100% working.

How to Reset Epson Stylus T13 :

  • The first step of course, the driver epson printer T13 must have been installed on your computer.
  • Download software resetter Epson T13 first. Software named Resetter Epson T13, you can download it here
  • Date computers do not need to be changed as previously resetter.
  • IMPORTANT! Turn off your Antivirus, because resetter T13 detected as virus by antivirus software.
  • Run the program resetter Epson T13 with a double click on "AdjProg.exe".
  • Then follow the following picture:

"Check: used to counter check the maximum 7800 points, you can see it in the main pad counter. If more or close to 7800 points means the printer needs to be reset "
"Initialization: used to reset or re zerro counter printer "

  • When finished turn the printer off then on again. The printer will flame with a full green light. Means the printer Epson Stylus T13 that have been error is ready for use again.

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Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

How to open Compaq Presario 2500 Keyboard

Faulty keyboard is common problem for Compaq Presario 2500 laptop model. In case you need to open, remove and replace it with new keyboard. Just follow the step below how to open it.

Step 1: Remove the rail screws from the at the back / rear

Step 2: Once unscrewed, lift up the rail with flat head screwdriver. Be careful not to break the rail otherwise your laptop will look ugly. Hehe

Step 3: After the rail is removed, then continue to remove the keyboard screws.

Step 4: Now you can remove the keyboard, and gently dis-attach the keyboard flat cable from the motherboard. Then you are DONE!!

You can replace it with new keyboard or you can use temporary desktop keyboard (USB connector) while waiting to buy our keyboard replacement part.
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May Observations Zmags—Another Online Viewing Alternative

by Jim Lyons

Over the last four-and-a-half years, my Observations column has highlighted numerous alternatives and enhancements to printing. One of the most frequently covered areas, in a variety of forms, is the transition from traditional print to online, non-paper-based “information consumption.,”. I have covered e-books, smart phones, and magazines and newsletters converting to online publishing, with PC Magazine and our very own Hard Copy Observer being two notable examples from the latter category. Just last month’s Observations looked at Google’s news viewer, Fast Flip, and as I keep looking at this space, more and more continues to meet the eye.

Zmags is a growing company helping to facilitate the movement to online viewing, or “information consumption,” that I had a chance to get to know better recently. Starting out in Denmark, the company shares the same 4.5-year lifespan with this column, and helps publishers in the conversion of their magazine content from traditional paper-based to online., and Zmags also participates in the massive, if not quite as visible publishing space that includes brochures, catalogs, flyers, and other marketing collateral.

Going back about 15 years in the printing industry, we started to see the “paper pie” being used in high-level strategic presentations by printer executives. This pie chart, combining all the world’s printed pages (totaling some many trillion annually), showed by category the very small presence of digital printing (in the low single digits as originally presented), just basically office printing and copying at the time, and huge categories of traditionally-printed books, magazines, and newspapers, magazines, and brochures, catalogs, and flyers, to illustrate the opportunity for digital to supersede analog printing. Based on economies brought by electronic distribution (up until “the last mile” where digital printing would step in), customization and shorter print runs were the promise of “distribute and print.” Of course this switch to digital printing could be viewed as only the intermediate step, with non-printing solutions eventually winning out, and this end point is where we could be heading with Zmags, if the firm’s relatively early success is any clue.

Started in Denmark by current CEO Jens Karstoft and two other people, Zmags began as an individual online magazine. After some time passed, the threesome realized that the tools the firm had created were the real value and could be used as a platform by other magazines and the broad world of marketing collateral. Originally self-funded, the company raised $7 million in 2008 to get into the U.S. market and now employs 50 people globally, with about half in Denmark, 20 in the UnitedStates, and five in a small office in the UK, serving 2,500-3,000 customers. Zmags classifies the market into three categories: magazines using the Zmags online publishing platform;, marketing communications clients who publish brochures, catalogs, and flyers online for their clients;, and individual retailers and e-commerce companies either going online or starting online with catalogs and other Web-based sales materials.

When we covered the online conversion of PC Magazine at the beginning of 2009 (Observer, 2/09; /TheLyraWeb/ShowArticleFromFoundset.aspx?ID=1095), we identified its publishing platform as belonging to the vendor Zinio. While Zmags acknowledges Zinio as a primary competitor (along with a few others), at least in the magazine publishing space, Zmags highlights its self-service feature as popular among a number of customers, and assays the firm’s key differentiator is, the ability to track, analyze, and report on reader behavior (pages viewed, time spent per page, videos watched, links clicked, products added to shopping cart, etc.), in other words )—who is reading or looking, when and how often, and what actions are taken as a result, whether drilling down into advertisements in the case of magazines or ordering online in the case of e-commerce.

In a recent interview, Zmags CEO Jens Karstoft and vice president of marketing Peter Velikin described the company’s evolution and future and how they see the needs of the three market areas they have defined. In terms of the three areas of customers served by Zmags—magazines, marketing communications, and online retailers—we asked about distinctions between the latter two. Velikin explained, “Marketing communications and commerce, the difference is that there are two different purposes. The goal of e-commerce customers is to increase the volume and efficiency of their online channel— – online catalogs created with Zmags enable retailers to expose more products, in context, to their target customers and increase conversion rates. Marketers, in contrast, are trying to maximize the time customers spend with their brand and to present their product or service in the most positive light. Tracking and reporting on reader behavior is very useful to our customers in all markets.” ”

When asked to explain in further detail the actual transaction taking place, Velikin describes the Zmags business model as follows, “We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, i.e. there is no software for customers to install; they pay an annual subscription fee. Our customers purchase a number of ‘activations.’ An activation is a publication that is created, e.g. a monthly magazine will need 12 activations, one for every issue published, and customer service and support is included in the flat fee.” Velikin concludes, “We have a very simple business model that works to our advantage.”

Zmags and Printing—Threat or Opportunity?

With respect to specific Zmags implementations that drive printing, Karstoft explains, “Yes, there are, especially [related to] books, white papers, etc.,” which go along with the specific content being viewed. While the Zmags solution includes the facility to print locally (see image at ***), we probed a little deeper and asked whether online capabilities like Zmags take away from printing in the long run. Velikin answered, “I think that a bigger portion of information will be collected online—this means less print, more online solutions. This is happening. Zmags offers a great solution for these companies that are looking to embrace the online world but still want to leverage their investment in the offline world (i.e. materials intended for print). In this respect, even though ‘Yes, people will print less if they use Zmags,’ Zmags is synergistic to print companies because it preserves the layout and the mode of consuming information. This means that people will continue to invest in materials that would be suitable for print or online distribution.”

Going back a decade and a half, and as the Web emerged as a legitimate place to go for consumer information, much was made of the repurposing of content, with consoling words to content creators that getting print-oriented materials online was simply a matter of putting the existing print materials into an online format. This scenario led to the creation of the term, meant to be less-than-flattering, of “brochure-ware.” Today Velikin notes, “Converting hard copy to online changes expectations, not just simple conversion.” Karstoft adds, “Taking the offline version and putting it online means big changes—[the new version] needs to be an active magazine, interactive, etcetera, customized for the online reader experience.”

Karstoft continues, “Between the three areas [of magazines, marketing communications, and e-commerce, the Zmags business is] evenly split across them, [but we are] more focused on marketing corporations (collateral). [We] see the market space now with lots of people making investments, and we have customers who benefit from using Zmags in the publishing world, but a fundamental business model problem is that online rules are different. [It’s a] whole other ecosystem. [Going online, by itself,] won’t save the business! [Clients will be dealing with] different variables, distribution, biz model, etcetera...”

With the recent weeks’ tech news dominated by the Apple iPad and its lack of support for Adobe’s Flash technology developing as the major battleground in an Adobe/Apple war, we felt obliged to ask Zmags three questions on Flash, a technology currently prominently featured in the firm’s platform. Karstoft responded, “The Apple iPad is the next evolution of portable devices, covering ‘sofa surfing.’ [As a vision,] we are delivering content in a user-friendly way. We don’t convert PDF to Flash, we convert offline materials to an online experience. We have a flash viewer that is best suited for viewing on a large screen, such as a PC, and a non-flash mobile viewer, (to be released soon,) that is optimized for viewing on most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.”

Understanding customers and their needs, including the intermediate publisher as a client/customer and their customers, corporate marketers, and end users, is a key to business success. Zmags seems to have a good handle on those ever-changing user needs and has a good chance to be very successful in its pursuit of new viewing alternatives.
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HPQ Q3FY2010 Printer metrics and commentary

From the Earnings teleconference, here are the comments and number.

From HP Earnings Teleconference Q32010 August 19 2010

Available at HP Investor Relations site.

(Opening summary, as presented by interim CEO Cathie Lesjak)

Looking at the details of our performance by business. Revenue in the imaging and printing business grew 9% to $6.2 billion, fueled by year-over-year unit shipment growth of 16% and supplies revenue growth of 5%. Commercial hardware revenue increased 28%, while consumer hardware revenue grew 4% compared with the prior year quarter. Segment operating profit totaled $1 billion, or 16.9% of revenue. We continue to lead the market with innovative new products. In June, we launched the ePrint platform and the ePrint Center and announced we were expanding our portfolio of web-connected printers to include all printers above $99. This strategy is driving success with third quarter consumer Inkjet hardware shipments up 9% year-over-year, led by 64% growth in wireless printers and OfficeJet growth of 16%.In addition, our retail publishing footprint continues to expand both in the US and across the world. Commercial printer unit shipments grew 44% with strong mono and color laser shipments as hardware availability improved significantly from the prior quarter. We continue to see strong momentum in our growth initiative in the enterprise and commercial print market, both graphic arts and managed printer services grew double digits. Multi-function printer shipments increased 47% over the prior year period, and HP Indigo Digital Press page volume was up 22%. We will continue to aggressively target these markets, leveraging our technology leadership to drive the shift from analog to digital printing.

(Selected Q&A – printer and supplies related questons and answers)

Brian Alexander - Raymond James - Analyst

Thank you. Good evening. Cathie, you mentioned increasing investments in R&D and sales and marketing in your prepared remarks. It seems like a quite a few investors believe the next CEO might decide to noticeably step up the pace of investment as they assume the Company has systematically underinvested in recent quarters, so the concern is this would create near term margin pressure and perhaps even a reset of earnings expectations, so Im just wondering if you could address the premise that HP has been underinvesting and do you plan to reflect the possibility of the next CEO investing more aggressively when you provide the FY 2011 outlook at your analyst day?

Vyomesh Joshi - Hewlett-Packard - EVP - Imaging & Printing Group

Brian, this is VJ. At Ipex, we introduced our next generation of Web Press, we got a phenomenal feedback. On June 6, we introduced all of our new web connected printers, that below $99, every single printer will have an e-mail address and you could see the results. We gained two points of market share in Inkjet. We had 16% unit growth in every single category, we are increasing our market share so from an innovation point of view, we are on fire. As a matter of fact, the feedback that we get that the product portfolio that we have right now is the best in the last six years.

Ben Reitzes - Barclays Capital - Analyst
Yes, thanks. Could you talk a little bit about what youre seeing in the businesses from this context? I mean, I think some might be surprised that a lot of the revenue upside was in PCs and services versus my model and obviously theres been strength in enterprise and theres been strength in printers for some, and I just would have thought maybe supplies or some of the other things might have picked up more. I was wondering if theres shortages there and if you could just talk about the segments a little more because I think PCs were a lot better than expected and services revenue as well, and some of the others look like there might still be some shortages and what not heading into the next quarter.

Cathie Lesjak - Hewlett-Packard - CFO, Interim CEO

So Ben, in terms of supplies growth, so we had 5% supplies growth year-over-year and on a constant currency basis that was8% supplies growth, so still, quite strong supplies growth and as weve talked most of this year, we have this roughly threepoints of currency headwind and we see that continuing into Q4, so if you think about supplies growth, we think about it in terms of kind of reported mid single digits and on a constant currency mid to high single digits for Q4.

Ben Reitzes - Barclays Capital - Analyst

And was there still constraints in the quarter?

Vyomesh Joshi - Hewlett-Packard - EVP - Imaging & Printing Group

No, I think-- this is VJ, Ben. There are no constraints. I think the LaserJet you can see 44% unit growth that we delivered and clearly, we have a tremendous demand here. The LaserJet brand is fantastic, and we are expecting in fourth quarter at least30% unit growth for the LaserJet, so we believe that the demand is strong, we continue to get out of the availability and in the supplies, youll also remember that we are gaining share against refill and reman so we are really driving our supplies sell out, we absolutely believe that putting more units now and valuable units and with web connectivity and the stuff that we are doingwith ink in the office we will continue to see very good growth.

Bill Fearnley - Janney Montgomery Scott - Analyst

Yes, thanks. If I could address the question of VJ in printing. It appears that the supply chain is fixed and so with the strong hardware performance this quarter, you still came in at the high end of the 15 to 17% range, so should we start, should we bethinking about IPG operating margins in the 16 to 18% range given that the strong hardware performance and then I have aquick follow-up.

Cathie Lesjak - Hewlett-Packard - CFO, Interim CEO

Let me address that. We dont let VJ talk about those things. Our guidance for this year is 15% to 17% and were not really changing that at this point. We will talk more about what our guidance is for 2011 at our security analyst meeting. Our goal isto get as much growth as we can in the good usage hardware units and stay within our 15 to 17%.

Bill Fearnley - Janney Montgomery Scott - Analyst

And have you seen any effect of the expanded Canon relationship any benefit there in the most recent quarter?

Vyomesh Joshi - Hewlett-Packard - EVP - Imaging & Printing Group

I think we have started with the copier lineup. We like the lineup that we got. We are selling managed print services , we had a very good quarter, sort of what total contract value for managed print services and I think the very important part is we want to continue to invest and innovate because innovation is our blood line so we want to make sure that not only do we place high usage unit but also we continue to innovate.

Jeff Fidacaro - Susquehanna Financial Group - Analyst

Great. Thanks for taking the question. Just on the supply side grew 5% in the quarter. Could you talk a little bit about how the inventory looks there? Was there any points contributed to a channel fill and I may have missed this but how is the fiscal fourth quarter shaping up, is that sort of a mid single digit type growth again?

Vyomesh Joshi - Hewlett-Packard - EVP - Imaging & Printing Group

I think the channel looks very satisfying as Cathie mentioned. We are focused on making sure that we put the right units in the place and get the right sell out. As far as the Q4 is concerned, we continue to look at the mid single digit range.

Cathie Lesjak - Hewlett-Packard - CFO, Interim CEO

And I think I should have said that we got the 8% constant currency growth without channel, the benefit of any channel fill, unlike some of our competition.

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Dell 5100CN 5110CN Paper Jam 071 101 or feed issues

If your dell 5100cn or 5110cn is having paper feed issues from the main tray or a reoccuring paper jam with the error code 071-101 you may need to replace the feed roller kit. The feed roller kit includes 2 feed rollers and a separation roller.

Dell 5110 Feed Roller Sep Kit:  Part# - D5110-Z2.    

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